Who is the EU Backing, Really?

EU member nations, including those that also are members of NATO, are loudly supporting economic sanctions against Russia—except for Russian oil and natural gas—and sending arms to Ukraine—except for fighter jets and tanks and other armored weapons (Czech Republic is a notable and honorable exception) needed to drive the barbarian completely from Ukraine—in enthusiastically outspoken response to Vladimir Putin’s Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Now we see the graphic evidence of the atrocities that the Russian invaders are inflicting, as a matter of state policy, on Ukrainian civilians, including women and children. Bucha is just one example. Another is Putin’s targeting of a train station in Kramartorsk, waiting until it was filled with civilians trying to evacuate from the city before sending in the strike.

And yet,

But the shame is that the EU still won’t ban the import of Russian oil and gas. This means that each day Europe is subsidizing Russia’s war by financing the Kremlin.

Each day that the EU subsidizes Putin’s war on Ukraine, the EU is consciously subsidizing Putin’s campaign of butchery, rape, war crimes.

I ask again: Who is the EU backing, really?

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