Lawless Press

The Supreme Court issued a ruling Wednesday that the press doesn’t like, and the press is calling for President Joe Biden (D) to blithely ignore the ruling and go on about his business. By odd coincidence, the Court’s ruling reinstated a Trump administration rule that a lower court had struck down.

Democrats condemned the decision, but some reporters went even further and called for the Biden administration to ignore the Supreme Court.

For instance,

Former Niskanen Center Vice President for Research Will Wilkinson posted a Twitter thread explaining why he believes the White House should ignore SCOTUS decisions.

It’s been done before.

How many divisions has the Pope?

How’d Stalin’s question work out, in the end, for the Soviet Union?

And before that, regarding a John Marshall-led Supreme Court ruling on a Cherokee-Georgia dispute:

John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it.

That worked out poorly, also.

Nevertheless, here’s the press calling for any lawful thing disagreeable to its convenience to be ignored.

The press doesn’t want us to be a nation of laws, but a nation of men who will decide on the basis of what’s convenient to the press’ progressive ideology.

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