Biden’s Timidity on International Display

President Joe Biden’s (D) timidity before Russian President Vladimir Putin is illustrated internationally by his embassy moves.

Recall that when Putin invaded Ukraine and threatened Kyiv, Biden ordered his American embassy to cut and run relocate west to Lviv. When Lviv came under air attack, Biden ordered his American embassy to quit Ukraine altogether and run off relocate to Poland.

Recall further that the Prime Ministers of Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovenia, along with the EU’s President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola—while Kyiv still was under threat of Russian capture—visited with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Kyiv. Biden, on the other hand, even though he went to Europe while Kyiv was under siege—to Brussels and later to Rzeszow, Poland—was too timid to travel to Kyiv and meet with Zelenskyy on Zelenskyy’s (besieged) home ground.

It gets worse.

Now that the barbarian has withdrawn from the vicinity of Kyiv and Ukrainian forces have retaken and are consolidating national control over much of northern Ukraine [emphasis added]

Turkey…became the first major nation to send diplomats back to Kyiv….
Turkey’s embassy, which had relocated to the western Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi [never leaving Ukraine], reopened in Kyiv and will resume consular services, it said on social media. The US, by contrast, currently doesn’t have any diplomatic presence on Ukrainian soil, with embassy staff operating from Poland.

Even with Kyiv safe from Russian occupation, Biden has no intention of having his State Department move his embassy back to Kyiv. Biden has no intention of visiting with Zelenskyy in the latter’s Presidential Office Building, or even of sending his Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin or CJCS General Mark Milley to meet with the leaders of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, whose offices also are in the Presidential Office Building.

The Biden-Harris administration is an utter embarrassment to our nation.

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