Political Censorship

Mark Zuckerberg is at it again. This time he deleted a Republican gubernatorial candidate’s—a sitting governor’s, yet—Facebook campaign page. The campaign page was Alabama Governor Kay Ivey’s, and it’s no secret that her Conservative positions are anathema to the woke Zuckerberg and his censoring minions. Ivey thinks Zuckerberg’s Facebook censorship stemmed from her opposition to vaccine mandates.

The messages Zuckerberg’s censors sent to Ivey, though, consisted of these carefully uninformative items:

And those details:

Because being anti-vaccine mandate is somehow…graphic? Hateful? Harassing? Bullying? Really? Or maybe it’s related to sexual activity/exploitation? Nudity?


It’s true enough that her campaign page was restored later the same day it was deleted, but c’mon, man. If anyone at Facebook had any integrity, Ivey’s page never would have been deleted in the first place.

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