Missed the Point

President Joe Biden (D) took a break, Monday, from his vacation (which he decided to go on during his Afghanistan failure) to come to the White House and deliver a 20-minute talk about why he’d taken us out of Afghanistan so precipitously. Then he returned to his vacation.

Just the News thinks he messed up with his speech.

Forced to confront bipartisan anger over the bungled US exit from Afghanistan, President Joe Biden instead gave a speech on why drawing down US troops after two decades [of] war was in the American interest.
In so doing, he missed the point.

It’s true enough, as JtN goes on to say, that most Americans wanted us out of Afghanistan, and it’s true enough, as JtN adds, that what we didn’t want was the utter failure of Biden’s withdrawal execution.

But JtN missed the point of Biden’s little talk.

Biden didn’t interrupt his vacation to justify his withdrawal or his method of withdrawal. On the contrary, Biden disrupted his vacation to make a Saul Alinsky-esque effort to change the subject from his bungled withdrawal to the subject of it being everyone else’s fault we still were there, and it being the Afghans’ fault their government didn’t perform up to snuff.

That Biden botched even that simple task is just a measure of the man’s own, continuingd, failure to perform up to snuff.

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