A Remade Population, Progressive-Democrat Style

The Progressive-Democrats are bent on reducing Americans to dependency on the largesse of that Party’s politicians for our…everything.

One move in that push is the explosion of the Federal government’s food stamp program—a program created by Party’s forbears, the Democratic Party, and which the Progressive-Democratic Party is using the Wuhan Virus program as an excuse for expanding—and expanding Americans’ dependence on them.

A family of four will get up to $835 per month after adjusting for inflation. The average four-person household in the US spent only $537 per month on food at home in 2019.

That’s 55% (!) more than that family actually spends for food.

But that’s only one move.

Entitlements before the pandemic consumed two-thirds of federal spending. Now [Progressive-]Democrats want to create new entitlements that make the middle class more dependent on government while enlarging existing welfare programs like food stamps, which they plan to pay for by raising taxes and cutting defense. This is a recipe for a weaker and fatter America.

It’s also a recipe for a population of Julias and Pajama Boys dependent on Party, and so a population of Party voters. And a weaker America.

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