It Doesn’t Get Any Clearer

The dishonesty of the journalism guild, that is.

Journalism professors at UNC Chapel Hill are protesting a “core values” statement that upholds objectivity as a key tenet of news reporting.

That statement says, in part,

The core values statement, installed two years ago, touts objectivity, impartiality, integrity and truth-seeking….

That business about objectivity and impartiality was scrapped after the journalist “professors” at the school objected. Because, journalists are naturally biased and opinionated (as are we all), and these worthies claim, it would be dishonest for journalists to disguise their biases as well as futile to try. Never mind that opinions could be written on the opinion pages, and even journalists are capable of being objective when they’re writing news articles, which are supposed to be factual.

They just don’t want to be objective or impartial in their…reporting. They want to take sides, they want to push their personal narratives, they want to represent those views as facts. What they insist on reporting are their biases, not the facts of events.

Sadly, though, this is simply an example of how far from Caesar’s wife are journalists and their guild.

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