This is Why…

…we can’t afford any more Progressive-Democrat-appointed judges or any more judges appointed by anyone who want to argue politics rather than confine themselves to the law. Especially when the politics they argue are so blatantly biased and un-American.

The Sixth Circuit ruled, in a case in which Imelda Lopez-Soto, a Mexican citizen who came to the US illegally in 2000 at age 19, was contesting a removal order, that the immigration court had not erred, and Ms Lopez-Soto had not been denied due process. (The immigration court’s removal order was upheld.) The two Liberal judges, Martha Daughtrey and Karen Moore, ruled that

[i]n an era in which it is difficult to find any issue upon which a large percentage of Americans agree, few people would dispute that our nation’s immigration system is broken and is need of a structural overhaul. Admittedly, a not-insignificant number of Americans believe that any change to our immigration statutes should result in shutting our borders to almost all individuals, or at least to all potential immigrants who are not blond-haired and blue-eyed.

Judge Amul Thapar, a son of immigrants, had a different take, even though he agreed with the basic ruling:

I have my doubts about the wisdom of courts opining on hot-button political issues or the motives of citizens who hold one position or another in those debates. And as someone who is neither blond-haired nor blue-eyed and who has benefited directly from the kindness of the American people, I believe that the American Dream is alive and well for persons of all stripes. Thus, I respectfully concur only in the judgment.

Daughtrey and Moore, with Thapar sitting right next to them, acted like he was invisible to them and they couldn’t hear him speaking.

Did the two women not see or hear him because he is a member of the male patriarchy, or did they not see or hear him because he’s an immigrant who defeated their seeming accusation of racism on the part of those not-insignificant number of Americans?


The appellate court’s ruling can be read here.

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