Foxconn’s New Deal

In 2017, Foxconn signed a deal with Wisconsin to invest $10 billion, build an electronics manufacturing plant in the State, and hire 13,000 people by the year 2032.

Now, Foxconn has renegotiated the deal and will invest as much as $672 million and create 1,454 jobs by the year 2025.

What’s changed?

A number of things, but two in particular are the Republican Governor and Republican President in 2017, and the Progressive-Democrat Governor and the Progressive-Democrat President today.

It’s also true that the negotiated incentives are considerably less per job created under the new deal than under the old, but what does that matter to the 11,500 folks who won’t get any of those new jobs? What does that matter to the businesses—and their employees and prospective new hires—who won’t get the business associated with that earlier and much larger investment?

But hey, collateral damage happens. Nor does that damage matter to Progressive-Democrats; all they want is the look-good-in-the-shower headlines.

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