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That’s what my grandmother—a much more gracious woman than I ever have been a man—would call things and behaviors that were utter…foolishness.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has signed a law that toughens the penalties for engaging in a variety of acts during riots. Engaging in the riots themselves has long been illegal.

The law, which goes into effect immediately, grants civil legal immunity to people who drive through protesters blocking a road and allows authorities to hold arrested demonstrators from posting bail until after their first court date. The legislation increases the charge for battery on a police officer during a riot and adds language that could force local governments to justify a reduction in law enforcement budgets.
The bill allows people to sue local governments over personal or property damages if they were determined to have interfered with law enforcement response during civil unrest. It also increases penalties for protesters who block roadways or deface public monuments and creates a new crime, “mob intimidation.”

Naturally, the Left is up in arms about the law. Kara Gross, ACLU of Florida Legislative Director and Senior Policy Counsel:

The problem with this bill is that the language is so overbroad and vague…that it captures anybody who is peacefully protesting at a protest that turns violent through no fault of their own. Those individuals who do not engage in any violent conduct under this bill can be arrested and charged with a third-degree felony and face up to five years in prison and loss of voting rights. The whole point of this is to instill fear in Floridians.

Not at all. Those peacefully protesting when their protest turns violent through no fault of their own can leave, and they can show that they were trying to leave if they’re arrested on the way out of the area. It’s their conscious choice to remain or to not try to leave when the violence starts. If they make that choice, they’re no longer peaceful protesters; they’ve created themselves rioters.

Progressive stuff and nonsense.

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