Taxing and Spending

Progressive-Democrats are shocked—shocked—that folks want to hang onto their money rather than send in to Government. Thus, when State profligate spending and confiscatory tax rates were exposed by the Federal income tax reform that capped SALT deductions at $10,000, and folks on whom the cap had material effect decided to relocate their incomes, their money, and their lives to other States, Progressive-Democrats squalled most loudly.

The lawmakers say the cap, created in the 2017 tax law, punishes their constituents unfairly and pushes residents to move to low-tax states such as Florida. They are pitching the break as crucial to their states’ economic recovery.

Here’s New Jersey State Congressman Josh Gottheimer (D), for instance:

Folks have been moving away in droves since our state and local tax deduction was gutted. This is key to the health of our economy, key to keeping our state strong.

Never mind that those State governments could readjust their spending and taxing priorities.

No, it’s how dare those Government subjects leave and go where they can better hang onto the money that’s rightfully theirs. It’s that money doesn’t belong to the folks who earned it; that money belongs to those States, and the Progressive-Democrats of those State governments have only to carve out a pittance and toss it back to their subjects.

The arrogance of Progressive-Democrats and their contempt for us ordinary Americans knows no bounds.

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