Not a Mixed Message

Amazon insists it’s only censoring violent speech, and claimed that when it tossed Parler off its AWS cloud hosting facility, thereby denying (as Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s MFWIC, knew full well at the time) Parler and all of its primarily conservative participants any voice on the Internet.

Just the News says that with the tossing of sites like Parler while hosting other sites like Twitter, Amazon is sending “mixed signals.”

Here are some tweets that still are up on Jack Dorsey’s Twitter, that’s now on Amazon’s AWS cloud hosting facility:

Actor and liberal activist George Takei on Sunday referred favorably to Paul’s assault in a tweet in which he wrote: “Admit it. These days we all sort of wish we had been Rand Paul’s neighbor.”
Podcaster Amy Westervelt, meanwhile, wrote: “Where is Rand Paul’s neighbor when you need him.”
Author Brandon Snider tweeted in favor of a “GoFundMe for Rand Paul’s neighbor to finish the job.”
Author Mark Sarvas wrote that Paul’s neighbor should “kick his racist ass again.”

JtN is misapprehending the situation. Amazon is not sending any mixed signals at all; Bezos’ message is quite clear: Conservatives have nothing to say and no voice to say it as far as he’s concerned. He freely allows violent messages on his facility—so long as they’re spoken by the “right” persons.

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