Two Misleadings in One

Progressive-Democratic Party Presidential candidate Joe Biden now is pushing the General Services Administration to approve an official transition of power from President Donald Trump to him.

That’s the first mislead. There’s no power to transition because no winner of this Presidential election has been identified yet.

Reuters then says, in its article at the link,

Biden was declared the winner of the November 3 election by US television networks on Saturday….

That’s the second mislead. Reuters‘ own press oblivious self-importance notwithstanding, it’s remarkably unimportant what the US television network press thinks. The winner of the November will be identified by the aggregated certifications of State vote counts by State Secretaries of State and the associated allocation of Electors in the Electoral College (technically, not until the Electors actually vote in December, but the incidence of faithless Electors is quite rare).

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