Fruits of Defunding

…of police departments. Shootings and homicides are up sharply with less law enforcement possible under reduced budgets and associated police resignations and retirements.

The New York Police Department reported 137 shootings from October 1 to October 31, compared to the 62 reported during the same period last year, newly released statistics show.

There have been 387 murders so far this year, compared to the 282 reported in the first 10 months of 2019….

And Chicago:

There have been 655 murders this year through October 31, while the city had 431 during the same period in 2019—a 51% increase. …
At least 3,465 people were shot in Chicago through October 31 this year, a 56% increase from 2019….

Los Angeles:

“As of this morning, here today in the city, we’ve had 261 homicides,” LAPD Captain Ahmad Zarekani said Wednesday. “That is a 25% increase from last year at this point.”

But it’s a good idea, says the Left, to defund police departments.


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