It’s not from the Right, nor even from the extremists on the Right or the Left.

No, the Mainstream Left and it’s carried through politically by the Left’s Progressive-Democratic Party; they have a virtual monopoly on divisiveness.  Here are just a few examples, provided by Jim DeMint in a slightly different, but related context. DeMint suggests these are from the radical Left, but he’s mistaken in that. The Left and Party have moved so far left that these positions are, in fact, their mainstream.

Pro-Life? You hate women.
Religious traditionalist? Homophobe.
Dislike illegal immigration? Racist.
Support welfare reform? Racist, again, and you hate the poor.
Do you like the Senate or the Electoral College, or stand during the national anthem? Probably a white supremacist.
Believe there are two sexes, corresponding to one’s genetics? Hate speech.
Believe the United States was founded in 1776? White nationalist.
Believe, like the World Health Organization itself, that we can reopen schools, safely, while managing the risks of COVID-19? Child abuser.
Believe we can mitigate the risks of climate change through technological innovation? You might as well believe the earth is flat.
To too many on the left today, religion is hate. Superstition is science. Freedom is oppression. Lies are truth. The Rule of Law is bigotry. The Constitution is evil. And America is irredeemably racist.

There’s more. Recall the following in our very recent history.

Ex-President Barack Obama: the Cambridge police acted stupidly, which he said about a Cambridge University policeman, responding to a call, arrested a man the caller had said was behaving suspiciously, the man resisted questioning, and then turned out to be the resident of the abode at which door he was arrested. Which Obama said, mind you, right after he said he knew nothing about the matter.

Then-Progressive-Democratic Party Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton: talking about Americans who didn’t support her candidacy, they’re all irredeemable, deplorable, misogynistic, homophobic, racist.

Progressive-Democratic Party Presidential candidate Joe Biden: blacks not supporting him aren’t really black, and 15% of Americans are just no good.

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