Some Jobs Data

…from Stephen Moore via his Fox News op-ed. They compare the job creation performance of ex-President Barack Obama’s (D) and then-Vice President and current Progressive-Democratic Party Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s eight-year administration with the three years of performance of President Donald Trump’s administration prior to the current Wuhan Virus situation.

Obama: -192,000—that’s jobs lost
Trump: 475,000—that’s jobs gained

Obama: -112,000
Trump: 63,000

Obama: 280,000
Trump: 746,000

Biden wants to “help” this growth along by dumping $4 trillion of new taxes and rescinded current tax cuts on our economy, on our jobs engine.

Biden wants to potentiate his tax “help” with vast new regulation.

Biden wants to add further to his “help” program by trashing our economy’s ability to generate reliable and cheap energy and replacing that sector with the Green New Deal that the new center left of his Party insists on emplacing.

Our economy can’t afford Biden’s help.

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