On the Count of Three

…let’s all panic. One, two—oh, wait. It’s just the NLMSM trying to stampede us over Republican-run Florida’s increase in Wuhan Virus detections, a six-fold increase since early June. I’ll elide the positive-test rates being falsely inaccurately reported in so many counties.

Here are some inconvenient truths about that rise, though, from one of those actual experts Progressive-Democrats are so insistent we hear and obey. Just not one of their experts, but an actual expert.  Dr Charles Lockwood, Dean of the University of South Florida’s College of Medicine, is one such:

case fatality rates—that’s the number of deaths over the number of cases—is 1.5%

[even accounting for the lag in death rates,] we should now be seeing a much higher case fatality rate. It has been predicted that our fatality rate would kind of do a “U” and be heading back up. It’s not. In fact, today in Hillsborough County [where Tampa is located], our case fatality rate was 0.9%


We are picking up asymptomatic cases, [and] picking up milder cases than we did before[.]


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