We’re Nice Guys

We’re not hostile, at all. You’d better stop saying otherwise, and you’d better stop interfering with us. So says the People’s Republic of China’s Ambassador to Great Britain, Liu Xiaoming.

Those who see China as systematic rival or as a potentially hostile state have got it all wrong—they have chosen the wrong target and they are heading in the wrong direction.

Stop interferring in Hong Kong’s affairs

The People’s Republic of China is not hostile and doesn’t threaten other nations.

Let’s see….

  • Routinely threatens the Republic of China, interferes (or tries to) in its elections, threatens it with military exercises in the Taiwan Strait that practice amphibious invasion
  • Canceled Hong Kong’s semi-autonomous status, interferes in that city’s internal elections
  • Seized and occupied the South China Sea and islands therein, waters that are variously international or owned by other nations (even if disputed among them), islands that are owned by other nations (even if disputed among them)
  • Attempted invasions of Bhutan, India within last year
  • Attempted invasion of Vietnam post-Vietnam War
  • Occupies Tibet
  • Imprisons in concentration camps millions of Uighurs
  • Routinely steals other nations’—especially ours—technology, intellectual property
  • Routinely engages in cyberattacks on other nations’—especially ours—computer networks

No, the PRC isn’t a hostile nation.

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