Why We Can’t Have Nice Things—Yet

Senator Tim Scott’s (R, SC) bill that would have led to a measure of reform for our State and local police departments went down in flames at the hands of Senate Progressive-Democrats. The blocked an end to their filibuster of the bill; they refused even to let the bill come to the floor of the Senate for open debate and amendment—including their own amendments.

Their rationalization? It didn’t go far enough. So, instead of taking a compromise that moved in their direction, they blocked everything. They refused even to permit talk about it.

Progressive-Democrat contempt for us citizens isn’t confined to the Senate.

Here’s House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D, CA) in an interview with a CBS Radio reporter.

So, when they [Republicans]…have some suggestions that are worthy of consideration—but so far they were trying to get away with murder, actually—the murder of George Floyd.

Pelosi’s contemptuous dismissal of the concerns of Republicans in the House and the Senate Progressive-Democrats’ similar dismissal are of a piece with Progressive-Democrats’ general dismissal of all of us ordinary Americans, Americans in flyover country, Americans bitterly clinging to our Bibles and our guns, Americans who “are just no good” and irredeemable and deplorable.

Progressive-Democrats don’t consider our concerns worthy of notice, and so they will not debate, much less negotiate, in any serious fashion.

Too, Party doesn’t want any sort of solution to a problem; its members only want the problem alive and kicking for their personal political gain.

Remember this in November.

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