State AG Nessel…Objects

Michigan’s Attorney General, Dana Nessel, is doubly upset with President Donald Trump.

Nessel said she believes Trump has been at odds with the state’s top three leaders recently, in part because they’re all women.
“I guess if any one of us were doing Secretary [of State Mike] Pompeo’s dishes, he might be fine with us. But since we’re not and we’re actually running the state of Michigan, he seems to have a real issue,” she told NPR.


Michigan is the only state with women who hold our three executive offices and just in the last—we’re the only state where the president has individually gone after each one of us. You do the math.

Did the math. Here’s the outcome: Trump has a problem with three leaders of Michigan’s State government, leaders who happen to be women.

It’s Nessel who’s putting those politicians’ gender as their first and primary defining characteristic. It’s Nessel who’s being sexist and belittling those leaders by reducing them to their gender rather than focusing on their performance.

Nessel is especially sexist for making up a sexist beef where none exists.

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