Economic Extortion

The Wuhan Virus, which originated from the city of that name, in the province of Hubei, in the heartland of the People’s Republic of China, may not have been released on the world deliberately, but the situation is certainly being taken advantage of by the PRC.

Congressman Mark Green (R, TN) has advised us all that French President Emmanuel Macron was talking to PRC President Xi Jinping and asked him for a billion masks.

Xi readily agreed—on condition that France implement its 5G wireless communications network with Huawei equipment.  No Huawei, no masks; French medical personnel, French patients can just die.

This comes against the backdrop our own health care companies having to recall surgical gowns made in the PRC because they might have been tainted—they were manufactured in facilities that hadn’t met standards for manufacture since 2018.  Netherlands has had to recall masks manufactured and delivered by the PRC because those masks were defective and provided none of the protections they were supposed to provide. Spain and Turkey also have had defective medical equipment foisted off on them by the PRC. Czech Republic is the recipient of PRC-made Wuhan Virus test kits with an 80% failure rate (Bing Translator is friendly enough).

Macron might want to pay more attention to what his neighbors in the EU are being cheated with, as well as who’s doing the cheating, along with studying the nature of extortion.

2 thoughts on “Economic Extortion

  1. And the PRC had the gall to make Italy pay for supplies — which Italy had previously DONATED to said PRC earlier in the crisis.

    • It’s the Belt and Road program in action. The Belt is the usurious debt structures used to rope in the victim nations, and the Road is the path followed by Other Nation’s Goods as they’re (re)sold by the PRC.
      Eric Hines

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