Presidential Obstruction

…by the President of the Congress, according to The Babylon Bee:

The suggestion that Trump obstructed Congress turned out to be a far more popular idea than Democrats had predicted.

But they closed with this:

At publishing time, Trump was looking for ways to obstruct both the judicial and executive branches, further increasing his popularity.

However, Trump already is obstructing the Judicial Branch. Look at all those evil, dysfunctional textualists he’s getting appointed to the district courts, appellate circuits, and Supreme Court. And it’s appearing increasingly possible that he’ll get one more obstructive Justice, too, to set back Roberts.

And, to hear denizens of the “interagency coordination” facility lionized by no less a light that Fiona “Quite Cross” Hill tell it, he’s busily obstructing the Executive Branch, as well.

I’m surprised the Bee missed this in their satire.

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