Much ado is being crafted over President Donald Trump’s use of the word “lynching” to describe what the House Progressive-Democrats are doing with their “impeachment” smear.

They neglect the fact that at least as many whites were lynched in our history—for crimes ranging from rustling, murder, rape, and the like, to “crimes” of supporting or protecting blacks—as there were blacks lynched for the “crime” of being black after our Civil War.

Which brings me to the party that is doing the most crying over Trump’s use of the term.

The Democratic Party:

  • the party of slavery
  • the party that forced a Civil War in an attempt to preserve their access to slaves
  • the party that pushed gun control to keep blacks disarmed
  • the party of Jim Crow
  • the party of the KKK, which conducted the lynchings to which the bodice rippers refer—they condemn themselves when they focus on this
  • the party that resegregated the Federal government after Republicans has succeeded, in the main, in integrating it
  • the party that nationalized minimum wage laws explicitly to keep blacks trapped on southern plantations instead of being able to move north to compete on wages with white unions for factory jobs
  • the party of racist and sexist affirmative action programs

That party’s modern evolution, the Progressive-Democratic Party:

  • the party that continues to pursue race- and sex-based affirmative action
  • the party that pursues racist college and university admission preferences
  • the party that objects to blacks and all other minorities having access to quality K-12 schooling by blocking voucher and charter schools
  • the party of identity politics—21st century segregation

These politicians, objecting to Trump’s use of the term, expose their own racism with their manufactured dudgeon.

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