White Supremacy

Senator and Progressive-Democratic Party Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren (D, MA) and Progressive-Democratic Party Presidential candidate Robert Francis O’Rourke say President Donald Trump is a white supremacist. Since this comes on the heels of Progressive-Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D, NY) inviting “white supremacists” to come back, assuring them they’d be welcome, some comments on white supremacy are in order.

I’ll leave aside Warren’s shame of her own whiteness apparently being so great she masqueraded herself as Cherokee for years (while, just incidentally, profiting off that claim in her law and teaching career).

The Democratic Party is the party of slavery, and it opposed slavery’s abolition to the point of Civil War.

The Democratic Party was the party of no mixed-marriages—on pain of death—for centuries.

The Democratic Party has been the party of lynchings—a black man seeing a white woman or a black boy looking at one the wrong way was just one of many excuses Democrats used for stringing up black men and boys.

The Democratic Party has been the party of the KKK.

The Democratic Party has been the party of Jim Crow and of granting only secondary rights to blacks.

The Democratic Party has been the party of separate-but-equal accesses to everything from drinking fountains to bathrooms to bus seats to lunch counters.

It was the white supremacist and Democrat President Woodrow Wilson who re-segregated the Federal government after the Republicans had, however fitfully, integrated it in the years between the Civil War and Wilson’s accession to power.

That might seem like ancient history, but these wonders have continued their bigotry, if more perniciously, more insidiously:

The Democratic Party’s white supremacist George Wallace forced the Federal government to intervene to integrate his State’s schools.  The Progressive-Democratic Party’s Attorney General Eric Holder—black man that he is—sued Louisiana over its voucher school program, which facilitated black children’s escape from failing public schools to gain entry into better-performing voucher schools.  He kept those children trapped in those failing public schools because their departure would have unbalanced those schools.

The Progressive-Democratic Party is the party of gun control, which its direct ancestor, that Democratic Party, invented for the purpose of denying access to guns by blacks.

The Progressive-Democratic Party is the party that continues enthusiastically to push race- and gender-based affirmative action, also an invention of its predecessor. The Progressive-Democratic Party continues enthusiastically to push the associated general soft bigotry of low expectations.

The Progressive-Democratic Party is the party of 21st century segregation of identity politics.

Warren, O’Rourke (he of Irish extraction while campaigning on an Hispanic nickname), and Ocasio-Cortez would profit from some serious, objective introspection.

The nation will profit from sweeping Progressive-Democrats from government in 2020.

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