Marc Thiessen thinks President Donald Trump’s commentary about John McCain are unseemly, and they hurt Trump more than they do anything else.

…the president isn’t “hurting” the senator since he’s dead and that he’s only “hurting himself” because he’s “stepping on his own story” regarding the strong economy.

But this just shows how obliviously self-important Thiessen and his fellow “journalists” are: it’s their story they’re writing; it’s their conscious, deliberate editorial decision to “report” on and “analyze” superficialities like exchanges of ad hominem attacks (not only involving McCain; that’s just the latest NLMSM compulsion) rather than to do the harder work of reporting on and analyzing actual policy decisions, proposals, and outcomes.

Trump’s approval ratings would be much more accurately represented, and likely be higher, were guys like Thiessen and his cronies not so obsessed with Trump’s words and didn’t so diligently ignore his actions.

These persons of the NLMSM are just trying to ape their industry’s social media rival—and going for click bait rather than actual journalism.

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