Robert Francis O’Rourke Strikes (Out) Again

The Wall Street Journal has noticed the opening shambles of O’l Beto’s campaign for President, summing up his mess with its subheadline:

The identity left is carving him up like a Texas steak before he gets to Donald Trump.

But it’s not just about the identity politics segregationists of the Left. It’s also about Beto himself and his opponents in the current Progressive-Democratic Party primary campaign for the Party nomination.

A joke about a husband’s participation in raising kids is offensive only to those looking for excuses to be offended and to those using manufactured offense for personal gain. It’s the same with the other foolishnesses of a 15-yr-old that Beto seems to have grown up and out of—manufactured offenses by those looking to promote themselves at others’ expense rather than on their own merits. And yet Beto ducks into apology.  At least Howard Dean had a primal scream.  This is a primal squeak.

Beto O’Rourke, gamma male. That’s what we need for President. Yeah.

The other Progressive-Democrat Presidential candidates demonstrate their incapacity for independent thought with their artificial offense-taking from their rival’s childhood activities. We need one of those in the White House, all right.  Sure.

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