Flexible Genders and (Modern) Feminism

A generally satirical piece by Bill Walsh on The Daily Wire concluded with this straight-up bit of logic:

This [the concept of “identifying as…”] is their own logic. I’m just accepting it. For the sake of argument, anyway. Liberals still have not faced the fact that their progressive gender theory completely undermines, negates, and rules out, all of the feminist “girl power” stuff. They want to have their gender cake and eat it, too. One minute they want us to believe that gender is fluid and a person’s body parts have nothing at all to do with the matter, the next minute they want us to jump for joy because a bunch of people with vaginas were elected to Congress. The two ideas stand in obvious conflict. They must choose. Or else they will have to face the fact that every time they go off on a feminist tangent, they are, according their own ideology, guilty of transphobic bigotry.

What Walsh said.

One thought on “Flexible Genders and (Modern) Feminism

  1. Also, look at the hearing for Neomi Rao – women shouldn’t have to account for their contributory behavior, because sexual violence is always and everywhere solely a male crime. But feminism requires everyone, always and everywhere, to agree that women are just as strong and capable as men.

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