No Wonder Chelsea Was Upset

In a newly released memo written by Teneo CEO, President Bill Clinton senior advisor, Clinton Foundation consultant Douglas Band, Band spent 13 pages outlining how he

raised money for the Clinton Foundation from top-tier corporations such as Dow Chemical and Coca-Cola that were clients of his firm, Teneo, while pressing many of those same donors to provide personal income to the former president.

And [emphasis added]

The memo, made public Wednesday by the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks, lays out the aggressive strategy behind lining up the consulting contracts and paid speaking engagements for Bill Clinton that added tens of millions of dollars to the family’s fortune, including during the years that Hillary Clinton led the State Department. It describes how Band helped run what he called “Bill Clinton Inc…..”

Bland’s term, “Bill Clinton Inc,” not mine.

This is the level of integrity and the depth of conflicts of interest we can expect if Democratic Party Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is elected in a short couple of weeks.

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