A Teachers Union Disingenuosity

This example is provided by the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties; they’re holding the education of 100,000 state college/university students hostage against satisfaction of the union’s demands.

APSCUF President Kenneth Mash:

We are headed to the picket lines, but even on the picket lines, our phones will be on, should the State System decide it doesn’t want to abandon its students[.]


The union said late Tuesday night that the state had handed it its last, best offer and was done negotiating.

Who’s abandoning the students?  It isn’t the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, which runs the State’s college/university system that’s cut off negotiations.  It isn’t the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education that’s decided to walk out, strike, and refuse to teach the system’s tuition-paying students.

The sticking points?  The union says the offered pay raise isn’t big enough to suit them.  The union objects to paying a share of their health coverage costs.  The system already had acceded to another union objection [emphasis added].

[T]he state said it withdrew several proposals including one that would have required full-time temporary faculty to teach an additional class each semester.

A whole additional class.  So students could get an improved college education.

The union’s teachers and coaches (nominally teachers themselves) just want free stuff of their own.

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