Lawless Democrats

This time, in the Senate.  The Senate tried to consider a bill that would have, among other things, denied Federal funds for sanctuary cities—cities that openly and blatantly not only accept illegal aliens but actively interfere with Federal actions taken to deal with them.

Sanctuary cities like San Francisco, where an illegal alien was protected from Federal action and who repaid the city’s forbearance by murdering a young woman.  Sanctuary cities like Alexandria, VA, where illegal aliens connected to the M-13 drug cartel murdered two young men.  Sanctuary cities like Los Angeles whose protected illegal alien murdered a high school boy in an LA suburb.  The list goes on.

But Senate Democrats ran screaming for the hills, blocking a cloture vote on that bill: these Democrats were afraid to allow the bill to be debated on the Senate floor, in public and in front of their own constituents.

No, these Democrats want to keep those funds coming, want to reward cities that flout the law and allow illegal aliens—including the small but violent minority of them—to roam free.

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