The Obama Administration

…is targeting another Republican, this time with criminal intent. President Barack Obama’s Secret Service was sufficiently dismayed about being caught at and exposed for their misbehaviors and incompetences by Senator Jason Chaffetz (R, UT), House Oversight Committee Chairman, that Secret Service Assistant Director Ed Lowry suggested that Chaffetz should be targeted with “leaked” personal information of a suitably embarrassing nature. Lowry wrote an email to Deputy Assistant Director Faron Paramore:

Some information that he might find embarrassing needs to get out. Just to be fair[.]

Of course, to “find” the information in the first place, folks would have to violate the US Privacy Act, but never mind about that. This is a Republican. And Democrats are doing it. It’s all good. So at least 45 Secret Service employees set about to do the smear.

Jeh Johnson, DHS Secretary, and so the MFWIC and owner of the Secret Service:

those responsible should be held accountable

while also claiming that “an investigation” into this had been in progress since last April. When will they be held accountable, Jeh? You’ve had six months and done nothing. Define “accountable,” Jeh. What is Lowry’s status in the Secret Service? Other than continuing his job as head trainer, I mean? What is Paramore’s status? Other than still being a DAD? Will the rest be publicly identified and fired for cause along with these two? Or will they all be allowed to retire or resign, with full honors and perks? Will these guys be turned over to DoJ for prosecution? By an Obama DoJ when the victim was a Republican? When?

And all we’re getting is Obamatalk from the Secret Service and the DHS, and even less from Obama himself.

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