An Illustration

…of an unacceptably bloated bureaucracy.

As most of you know, President Barack Obama is bent on releasing as many terrorists from our Guantanamo detention facility as he can, moving the remainder to US prisons, and closing Gitmo. Whether or not this is a good idea, there is bureaucratic failure involved in the thing.

officials note that Carter has approved some transfers and is pushing his staff to move quickly to get more to his desk. But many other proposed transfers are slogging through the bureaucracy, under review by a long list of defense, military, intelligence, and other administration offices.

There’s no excuse for this. It’s a simple, yes or no, question. The terrorist can be released or not. There’s no reason for delays.

DoD and the other cabinets and agencies in the Executive Branch (and in the other Branches) badly need personnel downsizing, military and civilian, with the personnel—highly experienced, all—returned to the private sector.

There is no excuse for the slow-walking.

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