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Of course. The Democratic Party of California can’t stand to have their narrative so impertinently disputed. In the present case, the Democrat State Attorney General, Kamala Harris, is going after the Center for Medical Progress for so rudely exposing Planned Parenthood as being, apparently, in the baby body parts business, with those parts carefully harvested from babies carefully aborted so as to preserve those parts. Her claimed purpose is

to see if any law was broken in the filming.

Right. Because exposing aborted baby body part trafficking—whether for profit or out of the “goodness of the woman’s heart”—might be illegal. Never mind the trafficking. Never mind the level of morality involved in destroying a baby’s life in favor of a woman’s convenience.

Harris said she would investigate

allegations that individuals impersonated corporate officials from a fake biologics company, resulting in the release of secretly filmed videos of Planned Parenthood physicians without their consent.

But she hasn’t a syllable about, or a penny for, investigating Planned Parent’s apparent trafficking.

This is the Democratic Party, California style.

Oh, yeah: Harris also is running for California’s Senate seat. She’s looking for votes out of this escapade, too.

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