Ashamed of our Heritage

The Democratic Party of Connecticut is that. They’ve voted to strip the names of two of our Founders from their annual fund-raising dinner. Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson were slave holders, and so are unfit to be…what…Founders? Never mind that most of our Founders were slave holders—that was the norm of the time—or had feet of other serious clay.

What’s next, Washington’s Birthday will exclude George Washington, slave owner?

This was Party Chairman Nick Balletto’s “brainstorm.”

Democrats are the party of inclusion. And in my opinion, the time has come to reevaluate the name of the JJB [the dinner] to reflect the diverse makeup and forward-looking vision of our party[.]

Sure. The party of inclusion via the KKK. The party of inclusion via Jim Crow. The party of inclusion of racist, sexist affirmative action that excludes groups of Americans because they don’t have the preferred—dare I say privileged?—skin color or gender.

This is the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the Democratic Party made manifest.

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