Union Leadership Greed in Illinois

Details of a plan reached last week appear to show [Illinois] state legislative leaders are attempting to solve Illinois’ $100 billion pension crisis in part by changing workers’ retirement age, reducing automatic pension increases, and limiting their collective-bargaining privileges.

Public union leadership disagrees with this, though, and they’re turning on that Democratic Party leadership.  These union leaders consider carefully selected and targeted Democrats to be “persuadable,” and these unionists are going to do some “persuading.”

Never mind that the plan will save roughly $160 billion over 30 years, according to Governor Pat Quinn (D) and the leaders of the Democrat-controlled State Assembly.

Illinois’ public sector union leaders object to their unions paying their fair share.  They have theirs, and to Hell with anyone else, to Hell with the fact that Illinois is bankrupt in every way but the filing.  Pay up, suckers.

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