The Government’s Health Care Site

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is busily shilling as up and running smoothly—but please,

you may want to visit in off-peak hours when there is less traffic—mornings, evenings, or on weekends.


Have your information ready when you log on, and comparison shop to get the best deal.

Because you still can’t get into ObamaMart——to see actual plans and what they cover (over and above those contraceptives, prenatal and maternity care, pediatric and child’s dental care that every man or childless couple or empty nester need) without giving up “your information.”  And you still can’t get in to see actual premiums and deductibles that you’ll pay without giving up “your information.”  Never mind that, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, or any other on-line or brick and mortar store do not require this as a condition to go in and poke their shelves.  This is your government speaking.

But wait—there’s more!

Critical parts of the back end still aren’t there.  The functions, for instance, needed to transfer to the insurer “your” subsidy aren’t built, so either you’ll still be paying full freight, or your insurer will be forced by the Obama administration to front you the money when you see the doctor the plan allows you to see or go to the hospital the plan allows you to visit.

There’s still no security, so “your information” is freely available to any hacker who wanders by and wants to poke around in your personal financial and health information.  Mike Rogers (R, MI) says

It still doesn’t function right…The security of this site…doesn’t meet the minimum standards of the private sector.

And “work was only just starting to address some of the identity-verification issues as well as enrollment data,” and “the administration hadn’t yet been able to guarantee accurate enrollment data was coming out of the site.”

And HHS delayed for a year the requirement that small businesses get Obamacare insurance policies through ObamaMart.  Even though the data the businesses enter on the paper forms they’re now “allowed” to use have to be entered manually, by ObamaMart workers through that same ObamaMart.

And the IRS—the same gang that’s busily trying to stifle political speech of those groups of whom Obama disapproves, the same gang that routinely reveals the confidential tax information of those disapproved groups, still is in charge of passing around all of the financial data included in “your information.”

And on.  And on.

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