Never His Fault

Once again, President Barack Obama is scuttling away from his responsibility.  This time, he’s throwing his Secret Service under the bus.

You’re all aware that Obama cancelled for the duration all White House tours by the public, and that he did it because of Evil Republicans and their Satanic Sequester.  After the hoo-raw over his cancellation and the sheer pettiness of it, he’s started crawfishing.

He now is insisting “that the Secret Service was behind the…suspension of White House tours.”  When he passed on this little tidbit to the Republican caucus with whom he was meeting, the response he got was a round of “ahaaaaas.”

Obama, in response, told the lawmakers: “Hold on guys, we just talked about respect.”

Sorry, Ace.  You get respect the same way any American does: through actual deeds.  You certainly don’t get it because you think you’re special.

The Secret Service works for Obama; he doesn’t work for them.  They may have made their recommendation, they may have told him their “decision.”  But it was his—overriding—decision to accept their position.  He could have overruled them; it was entirely his choice not to.

This is just cowardice.

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