Harry Reid’s Filibuster

I wrote here about Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D, NV) move to eliminate the filibuster so his Progressives could run riot in the Senate, or Conservatives in their turn, eliminating any and all rights of the minority.

This, of course, would reduce a once proud institution to a shabby Parliament.

Now, though, Politico reports that Reid will delay his move until the middle of the month, since he doesn’t appear to have the Democratic votes needed to violate the Senate’s Rules.  This is indicated by the existence of a bipartisan coalition of Senators—four each Democrats and Republicans—who demur from his assault.  It’s those four Democrats objecting that are giving him pause.

However, Reid is attempting to effect this delay by technically

keep[ing] the Senate in its first legislative day by sending the chamber into recess—rather than adjourning.  That move would keep the Senate in session, preserving his option of pushing forward with the so-called nuclear option at a later date.

He’s filibustering the protect-the-filibuster move.

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