Look! Shiny!

Anything to distract attention and to change the subject from the topics at hand.  Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama is so reluctant to talk about his performance with the economy these last three-plus years, to talk about his performance with job creation, to talk about foreign policy, or to propose concrete solutions to these problems that he’s back to dragging this red herring.

He’s had his campaign manager, Jim Messina, resurrect Reid-esque nonsense by sending a letter to Matt Rhoades, of the Romney campaign, asking pretty please for just five years’ worth of Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney’s tax returns, against a legal requirement of two years’ worth of such records.  And if Governor Romney will only do that much, Messina promises that Obama will make no more demands or comments on the matter.  Real decent of him to make such an offer.  And real evasive.

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