On Rocket Science

Here’s an excerpt (the second video at the top of the article) from an interview Fox News‘ Megyn Kelly had at the Republican National Convention Tuesday with Mia Love, Mayor of Saratoga Springs, UT, and Republican Candidate for the House of Representatives from Utah’s 4th District:

Megyn Kelly: How do you use that [her father’s advice about not being a burden on society, about giving back instead] in your life?

Spending Cuts: Austerity, or Thrift?

Europe’s search for a solution to its exploding debt crisis is couched in terms of austerity and citizen “sacrifice.”  Indeed, the Greeks riot over “austerity measures” which their government take that they consider to be going too far, and the Italian coalition government is threatened with collapse over the need to engage in further “austerity measures” to control its own long-standing national debt.  The arguments here at home over how deep to cut, if at all, are couched more and more in terms of “austerity measures.”  This raises other questions, though.