On Rocket Science

Here’s an excerpt (the second video at the top of the article) from an interview Fox News‘ Megyn Kelly had at the Republican National Convention Tuesday with Mia Love, Mayor of Saratoga Springs, UT, and Republican Candidate for the House of Representatives from Utah’s 4th District:

Megyn Kelly: How do you use that [her father’s advice about not being a burden on society, about giving back instead] in your life?

Mia Love: Well, if you think about it, as Mayor of Saratoga Springs, I have to ask myself several questions before I make any new commitments: is it affordable, is it sustainable, is it my job?  I’m doing everything I can…to make sure we have a fiscally sound city.  It’s not rocket science; the most I’ve done is really step out of the way and allow the economy to thrive, allow businesses to come in and add resources….

That’s clear enough.  Works at the national level too: get government out of our way.

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