Progressive-Democrats and Open Borders

Recall the illegal aliens who stormed our border near El Paso, TX, broke through the concertina wire barrier, and physically assaulted the troops who were there to defend our border, overrunning them and successfully breaking into our nation.

A group of over 100 migrants attempted to enter the US illegally by rushing a border wall Thursday, breaking through razor wire and knocking over guards in the process.

The Biden administration has responded to that break-in:

Despite the commotion, the city of El Paso’s migrant dashboard showed 743 people had been released from custody and into the US on Thursday.

This is Progressive-Democrat President Joe Biden and his Progressive-Democratic Party syndicate telling all illegal aliens to come ahead on in. It doesn’t matter if you assault our border guards on your way in, come ahead on.

This is something to keep in mind come November.

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