A Thought on Mexico

In the ongoing internal-to-the-US debate over whether Texas can take steps to protect itself from the flood of illegal aliens—SB4—in the absence of the Federal government’s overt action to not protect any of the States, Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said, through his Foreign Minister’s spokesman, that

[Mexico] “won’t accept, under any circumstances,” deportations by Texas.
Mexico “categorically rejects any measure that allows state or local authorities to carry out immigration control tasks, detain and return nationals or foreigners to Mexican territory[.]”

This is the Mexican government inserting itself into American domestic laws; this is Mexico rejecting the force of our laws as they apply within our nation. If Mexico were merely objecting to the impact of those laws on it, that government would not reject our laws; it would only block their enforcement within Mexico. AMLO’s foreign ministry statement does include words to the effect of that enforcement block within Mexico, but it also includes that outright dismissal of our state or local laws in their entirety.

This is unacceptable, and AMLO’s government blandishments should be ignored. If AMLO were truly serious about this, he would move to prevent aliens from entering his nation illegally, and he would prevent the flood of illegal aliens into his nation from crossing into our nation in the first place, a flood that forces States like Texas to take the actions it is.

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