Biden Wants a Port on the Gaza Strip

He said so in his Thursday State of the Union speech. He said he’s ordering the US military to set up and establish a port on the coast of the Gaza Strip. He’ll do it, though, with no US boots on the ground. US personnel will be on offshore military vessels, but they will not install the port onshore.

He was careful not to say, though, who would distribute the humanitarian aid that would be coming ashore. The only distribution personnel ashore, though, are UN, Hamas terrorists, and the IDF.

With the UN actively supporting the Hamas terrorists through its UNWRA arm and those same terrorists so busily and successfully intercepting and stealing aid coming in through the Strip’s border with Egypt, this only means that Biden will be supporting Hamas terrorists with more humanitarian aid more directly.

Lastly, with US personnel not being the ones to install the temporary port, our Navy is losing the only thing of value to the effort: practice in rapidly installing a temporary port under unfriendly, if not outright hostile, conditions.

On other thing, beyond lastly: for how long after Hamas’ war on Israel is over will this temporary port remain in place and who will pay for it? Biden won’t say.

Not even Jimmy Carter was this foolish. He, at least, was willing to take a direct shot at freeing American hostages, even if that effort blew up in his face, from bad weather among other problems. Biden is too timid even to try to get our hostages away from the Hamas terrorists. He’d rather supply them and push Israel to stop short of destroying the terrorists in his naked attempt to pay ransom to Evil.

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