Well, NSS

The United Nations—all these months since the terrorist Hamas attacked Israel and butchered 1,400+ civilian men, women, and children, raping women and children(!)—has finally concluded

there are grounds to believe sexual violence, including rape, occurred during the October 7 attacks on Israel by Hamas and that there is clear and credible evidence that female hostages were raped.

Because the reports of the women who were raped and lived to tell the tale, or the men and women who were eyewitness to the rapes, weren’t enough in real time, either in their words or in the numbers of women saying those words.

The [UN’s] report said it didn’t have enough information to attribute the sexual violence and rape to Hamas or any other armed groups.

Yeah. Because it’s possible that, while the terrorist attacks were in progress, those rapes might have been committed by responding IDF soldiers, or by the rape victims’ fellow kibbutz members, or by the demons in the UN “report” writers’ fetid imaginations.

Just one more example of the broad anti-Israel ideology so deeply embedded in the United Nations.

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