What Comes After the Hamas War in the Gaza Strip?

The Wall Street Journal tried to address this question last Thursday. As you might imagine, I have thoughts.

Biden administration officials say the path toward a more stable Middle East goes through the ruins of Gaza.

That’s not far wrong.

The latest blows to the White House plans are the persistent attacks by Houthi forces in Yemen against international shipping in the Red Sea….

No, the blow here is in Biden’s timid response to the Houthis’ attacks on commercial shipping. The paucity of serious response to the terrorists is empirically demonstrated by the Houthis’ continued attacks on that shipping, escalated by their targeting US Navy ships, also.

US goals for the region require forging a consensus on who will secure and rebuild Gaza after the Israeli invasion.

Biden/Blinken’s goal for a PLA/PA governance of the Gaza strip is dangerously stupid. Aside from the fact that that gang has already failed in the Gaza Strip and was run out on a rail years ago, the PLA/PA is just another terrorist organization.

Gaza Strip governance should be built up from the Abraham Accord nations, less Israel, with Egypt and Jordan joining those Accord nations.

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