Lost in the Reporting

The People’s Republic of China had a nearly complete map of the Wuhan Virus genome two weeks before that government published the data for the world to deal with. The article’s author went on to emphasize the value of those two weeks to the various efforts to find ways to deal with the virus.

The extra two weeks could have proved crucial in helping the international medical community pinpoint how Covid-19 spread, develop medical defenses, and get started on an eventual vaccine, specialists have said.

There is this, though, in the second paragraph:

Documents obtained from the US Department of Health and Human Services by a House committee and reviewed by The Wall Street Journal show that a Chinese researcher in Beijing uploaded a nearly complete sequence of the virus’s structure to a US government-run database on December 28, 2019.

That’s those two weeks prior to the PRC’s formal release. The US database was the National Institutes of Health’s genetic database, GenBank.


But NIH didn’t just sit on the genome. They deleted it on 16 Jan 2020, four days after the PRC’s official release on 12 Jan. Supposedly, NIH officials had asked Dr Lili Ren of the Beijing-based Institute of Pathogen Biology, who had uploaded the genome to GenBase, for more information and got no response. Furthermore, the requested information were submission-related technical matters that had nothing at all to do with the actual genome map she’d uploaded, nor had they with any of the science related to her upload.

So, rather than actually looking into the mapping, they just blew it off and deleted it after Ren didn’t answer—apparently without considering the possibility that she was actively blocked by the PRC from answering.

However, the sequence published on January 12, 2020 [by the PRC], was nearly identical to the sequence that was submitted by Lili Ren.

Again, I say, hmm….

The PRC was complicit in the spread of the Wuhan Virus Situation, but it’s clear that the Dr Francis Collins-run NIH delay and then suppression of Ren’s genome map was at least as complicit in the damage done our nation and the world at large.

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