Some Bigotry is Acceptable, Apparently

Here is Harvard President Claudine Gay when she was Harvard’s Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences on the matter of the then-contemporaneous George Floyd murder [emphasis added]:

I have watched in pain and horror the events unfolding across the nation this week, triggered by the callous and depraved actions of a white police officer in Minneapolis.

I write this knowing that for some in our community, and I count myself among them, the events in Minneapolis, Brunswick, Louisville and beyond, feel anything but abstract; to the contrary, the headlines stir an acute sense of vulnerability. We are reminded, again, how even our most mundane activities, like running, which is something I am passionate about, can carry inordinate risk. … It shouldn’t be this way. Our presence and our voices make these experiences visible—and that, too, is part of the change. Together with the many who know these fears only vicariously, we must actively work to build a more just society, where no one is above the law and where each of us is treated with the dignity that is our birthright.

Here is now-Harvard President Claudine Gay, in her testimony before the House Committee on Education and the Workforce over a week ago (Tuesday, 5 December), answering the question of whether calling for genocide of the Jews is a violation of Harvard’s codes of conduct:

It can be, depending on the context.

Apparently, bigotry against some is bad, and each of us should be treated with dignity, except when Jews are involved. Antisemitic bigotry is fine, and Jews don’t need? deserve to be? mustn’t be? treated with dignity.

That Harvard’s governing body, Harvard Corporation, hasn’t yet—nine days later!—fired Gay for cause over her overt antisemitism and her selective bigotry is clear demonstration of the rank bigotry of the members of the Harvard Corporation, as their studied inaction condones Gay’s bigotry.

H/t Niall Ferguson writing for The Free Press.

Occurring after I wrote the above: in the event, the Harvard Corporation, which is the governing body for this school, has decided to retain–enthusiastically–Gay as President.

“Our extensive deliberations affirm our confidence that President Gay is the right leader to help our community heal and to address the very serious societal issues we are facing,” the board said in a message to the Harvard community Tuesday morning.

With judgment like that–affirming Gay’s testimony that genocide against Jews sometimes is a permissible threat–it’s clear that the Federal government must cut off all Federal funding to the school unless and until Gay is fired for cause and the Harvard Corporation’s own governing body–the President and Fellows of Harvard College–undergoes a 100% replacement.

Taxpayer money should not be going to institutions that so overtly support selective bigotry, or any bigotry at all.

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