UN Passes Up an Excellent Chance to Be Quiet

Then-French President Jackques Chirac, on the eave of the US dealing with a terrorist entity running Iraq, decried eastern European nations loudly supporting the upcoming US effort, saying,

It is not really responsible behavior. It is not well brought-up behavior. They missed a good opportunity to keep quiet.

Now comes this Wall Street Journal article talking about the Israeli response to the terrorist Hamas attack within Israel and yapping about a growing humanitarian crisis.

The United Nations, in the person of Philippe Lazzarini, UNRWA Commissioner-General, speaks only of a generalized Gaza humanitarian crisis.

Lazzarini isn’t alone in this cynical spin. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman wants to

discuss ways to stop the military operations that claimed the lives of innocent people….”

No. Military operations are not claim[ing] the lives of innocent people, Hamas’ terrorist operations are doing that.

The humanitarian crisis is in Israel, inflicted on Israelis by the terrorist Hamas with their assault into Israel where the terrorists butchered civilians, raped women, murdered babies—cutting off the heads of (too) many—and kidnapping 150, or so, more for the terrorists’ use in later atrocities.

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is inflicted on Gazans by the terrorist Hamas with their use of Gazan civilians as human shields, and their use Gazans’ homes, schools, religious centers, hospitals, and on and on, as weapons caches, ammunition dumps, command and control centers. The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is exacerbated by the terrorist Hamas’ refusal to allow Gaza’s civilians to evacuate northern Gaza as Israel has given them time to do. Beyond that, Lazzarini’s UNRWA is itself well known for allowing the terrorists to secrete their weapons in UNRWA facilities.

United Nations personnel, especially Lazzarini, and bin Salmon all are not engaging in really responsible behavior. [Theirs] is not well brought-up behavior. They missed a good opportunity to keep quiet.

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