They Don’t Know What They’re Doing?

Or is that they’re just riding the Climate Funding Industry Hobby Horse?

East Coast wind projects are in jeopardy after a decision by New York regulators Thursday to deny requests from renewable energy developers to charge customers billions of dollars more.
Offshore wind developers say they have been struggling against record inflation, supply chain issues, and interest rate hikes. Facing these pressures, Orsted, BP, and Equinor and other renewable developers requested that contracts for four offshore projects and 86 land-based projects be renegotiated, according to Reuters.
The offshore developers asked the New York Public Service Commission to alter its long term contracts and raise purchase prices to a level that would have let them collect an additional $38 billion from ratepayers.

They missed—badly—their initial financing and execution estimates, and they failed badly in their early adjustments following actual execution. The supply chain problems about which they complain have been extant since the depths of the Wuhan Virus situation. The inflation that has them in such an uproar has been a problem for the last three years. The rising interest rates have been an inevitable outcome of the inflation.

Do these guys—at the top of the top companies in their industry—really not know what they are doing?

Or are they just trying to rake in the money from their shadow industry of global warming hysteria funding, and some jurisdictions are starting to get tired of being taken for granted as cash cows?

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